Informatics (180 ESPB, PhD, 2018)

The Structure of the Study Programme

Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad is a young and dynamic institution which established its reputation both in the field of education of high-quality professionals and by showing excellent results in research work as well. Today, our Faculty is one of the key players in the scientific arena of the region.

By providing a special care to our young researchers, we strive towards a sustainable process of scientific research within our institution. The best evidence of our policy is more that 500 Ph.D theses theses defended in the last 40 years or so (since the Faculty was founded as an independent institution within the University of Novi Sad). This policy is formalized through two documents: The program of scientific research of the Faculty, and The development program for young researchers. It should be noted that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia has already granted an accreditation to the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, and therefore officially recognized it as an institution capable to perform high quality scientific research.

Currently, our Faculty and its researchers are benefactors of 128 domestic and international research grants. The scientific results are regularly presented in peer reviewed high-quality journals. A list of 493 papers published in the year 2011 alone can be found enclosed as Table.

Name and the Goals of the Study Programme

The study program Informatics is a Ph.D. program in informatics and computer science carried out by the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

Professional Title, Academic, or Scientific Title

After the thesis is successfully defended, the student receives the title of Doctor of Informatics.

The Time Allotted for the Realization of Particular Study Forms

Its duration is 3 academic years (6 semesters).

Credit Values of Particular Courses

Total credit value of 180 ECTS (60 ECTS per year) and after finishing studies and defending Ph.D theses students obtained Ph.D degree in Informatics. Applicants for admission must previously acquire at least 300 ECTS points on academic bachelor and master studies. The program comprises of a total of 8 courses which should be completed in the first 4 semesters, along with defending 4 seminar papers which are meant to contribute to further development of research skills. Each course is worth 5 ECTS points while each seminar paper is worth 20 ECTS. The third year is entirely devoted to writing the Ph.D. thesis, the value of which is the remaining 60 ECTS.

Diploma Work

The Ph.D. thesis is independent scientific work of a student. Before the student can approach writing the Ph.D. thesis, he/she has to collect at least 120 ECTS and must have at least one paper accepted for publication in a journal from the SCI list. In order to enter the oral defense of the Ph.D. thesis, except the previous condition, the student must have one paper accepted for publication in a journal from the SCI list related to the student’s research presented in the Ph.D. thesis.

Way of Choosing Courses from the Other Study Programmes

In accordance to our strategic guidelines oriented towards a dynamic development of young researchers, the basic principle of the program is the free choice of courses comprising the curriculum. Upon admittance, an advisor is assigned to each student. The student and her/his advisor define an individual curriculum and work out its details, bearing in mind the student’s research interests.